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Value Added Systems, Inc. was formed to provide sales and service support for end users of fluid application equipment. With over 29 years experience, the associates of Value Added Systems, Inc. are able to select, specify, install and service fluid dispensing equipment.

Value Added Systems, Inc. represents several manufacturers of pumps, dispensing valves, plural component metering and mixing equipment, disposable static mixers and hot melt dispensing equipment. Complete systems from a single source, or custom systems using the most appropriate components from serveral sources and/or specially fabricated parts are available.

Typical materials dispensed include:
  • Epoxies
  • Silicones, one and two part
  • Urethanes, one and two part, elastomers or foams
  • Polysulfides
  • Hot melt adhesives and sealants

Typical industries served:
  • Manufacturing / product assembly
  • Aircraft / Aerospace
  • Electrical / electronics
  • Appliance
  • Transportation
  • Concrete construction
  • Material processing / re-packaging

Value Added Systems, Inc. will provide in-house training for maintenance and operator personnel, write or modify service manuals to match your way of working, provide telephone support and maintain service parts inventory.

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